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Smartphone Displays Are the Next Competitive Battlefield - sibyl rosalind - 06-01-2017

Smartphone Displays Are the Next Competitive Battlefield : Smartphone Displays Are the Next Competitive Battlefield
This year, major launches of new products from Samsung and Apple are expected to help reverse some of the upside winds that the smartphone market has been experiencing lately. According to IDC, the market grew to a lukewarm 2.5 percent, the slowest growth rate for the device category. This year, the technology research firm expects shipments to reach 1.52 billion units, an increase of three percent. This momentum is expected to reach 2018, when the market will see an additional gain of 4.5 percent, with shipments concentrated around units with screen sizes of 5 to 6 inches. A number of factors will help raise the fortunes of smartphone manufacturers over the next year and a half, including improving the economies of some emerging markets. Sellers are also doing their part to stimulate demand by launching devices with dazzling displays. "With the ongoing struggle at the top end, suppliers will have to find a way to innovate ahead of the curve to attract new users and increase shipments while driving profits. The screen looks like it could be The next battleground for the smartphone in the next two years, "said Anthony Scarsella, research manager at IDC, in a statement. "We have seen Samsung and LG opt for new screens without boundaries 18: 9 and Apple could be set to join the party later this year ". In late March, Samsung officially unveiled its latest star phone, the Galaxy S8. In driving the company's mission to banish bezels, the Galaxy S8's OLED screen dominates virtually the entire front of the device and tilts on its sides. Although less daring than its Korean competitor, LG's new G6 smartphone features a similar 5.7-inch screen with slim bezels. Scarsella predicts that savvy smartphone screens are on the way. "As smartphone owners continue to consume media on their devices, the screen (larger, brighter and bolder) will be an integral part of each provider's overall design language," he continued. "From flexible to foldable and everything else, the 18: 9 screens seem to be just the beginning of what's to come." Apple, meanwhile, is preparing its 10th anniversary iPhone. Initial leaks indicate that the device manufacturer in Cupertino, Calif., Will switch the display technology from iPhone to OLED (LCD currently) and the display will practically extend from corner to corner. The mechanical start button, an iPhone accessory since it was released in 2007, is said to make way for a home screen button. Pedro Hernández is a contributing editor for Datamatio