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  Microsoft Shares Limited Details About Asus, HP, Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality HMDs
Posted by: ignacio hillary - 06-01-2017, 02:39 AM - Forum: lenovo - No Replies

Microsoft Shares Limited Details About Asus, HP, Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality HMDs : Microsoft Shares Limited Details About Asus, HP, Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality HMDs
Microsoft revealed a handful of details about the Windows HMD Mixed Reality from Dell, Asus and Lenovo, which give an idea of ​​the variety we can expect from Microsoft partners. Each headset offers a different range of features and capabilities. Last year, Microsoft announced partnerships with five leading hardware manufacturers to bring a range of HMDs to the Windows Mixed Reality (formerly Windows Holographic) platform. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo signed to develop HMD to complement Microsoft's push in immersive computing. The Windows Mixed Reality platform from Microsoft offers a mix of virtual reality and augmented reality devices and specs. The software giant set loose parameters for its hardware partners to follow, but each OEM is free to choose components that fall within the "HMD Design Freedom Spectrum" of Microsoft. What this means is that each Windows MR could have different specifications to each other. For example Microsoft allows HMD with dual panels of 1080 x 1200 60Hz at the lower end and 1440 x 1440 with panels at 90Hz or 120Hz at the upper end. The product designers of each company will presumably mix and match the characteristics of low and high end cubes to find a happy medium of cost and features. Microsoft plans to launch the Windows Mixed Reality platform this holiday season, so we expect to see details about upcoming HMDs coming soon. In fact, we were hoping to see the five HMD partners at Computex. We have already had the opportunity to test the Acer HMD MR Developer Kit (which does not really make a mixed one) and HP's Mixed Reality Windows Developer Kits are now available to developers in the US and Canada. The Asus, Dell and Lenovo kits continue to escape us, however. Microsoft did not have the Windows Mixed Reality HMDs on hand at Computex so we could see, but the company launched a blog entry that gives us insight into the three unreleased headsets. Microsoft unveiled images of the Asus, Dell and Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality HMD, along with a number of details about each. Microsoft said Asus is making its HMD "fast, powerful and ultra light " which we interpret as having a high refresh rate in a lightweight package. The "powerful " description could indicate that Asus is pushing for a high-end experience - perhaps with additional features such as the through-camera Acer kit lacks. The blog of Microsoft mentioned that the pa of Asus

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  Qualcomm working with Asus, HP and Lenovo on Snapdragon PCs
Posted by: francisco jennica - 06-01-2017, 02:39 AM - Forum: lenovo - No Replies

Qualcomm working with Asus, HP and Lenovo on Snapdragon PCs : Qualcomm working with Asus, HP and Lenovo on Snapdragon PCs
Unfortunately, the link you followed has led to a page that does not exist in HEXUS. Enter the best HEXUS experience Advertise r n Contact us r n How the competitions work How we test r n About Cookies What our prizes mean r N Privacy and terms of use r n RSS / Alerts / Twitter r n Facebook / Newsletter r n Unsubscribe Members: 41 2,122 Messages in forum: 2,578,744 Forum threads: 248,322 Active users: 430 Copyright and copy 1998 - 2017, HEXUS.net. All rights reserved. HEXUS & reg It is a registered trademark.

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  Nokia 9: New smartphone on the way
Posted by: monro charis - 06-01-2017, 02:03 AM - Forum: smartphone - No Replies

Nokia 9: Nuevo smartphone en camino : Nokia 9: New smartphone on the way
Home & raquo Technology> Nokia 9: New smartphone on the way Nokia 9: New smartphone on the way Writing May 31, 2017 Technology 0 Comment Nokia has come back for the big door of the consumer telephony sector on all flanks. In addition to its successful reissue of the mythical 3310, whose production can barely respond to the huge demand for this basic cell phone after being presented at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​add to the huge expectations surrounding smartphones in its still limited catalog. And of course, the next flagship of the Finnish brand, now in the hands of the HMD company, is no exception. Nokia 9 has already been seen in speed test videos The case is that the future Nokia 9 has already been seen, even virtually, in speed tests with which manufacturers usually test the performance of their phones before To the market. The score of your first benchmark promises, and a lot. In fact, it puts itself ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the crown jewel of the Koreans, and the rest of its adversaries already present in the market like the Xiaomi Mi 6, Xperia XZ Premium of Sony and Huawei Mate 9. Unlike Of the three mid-range smartphones already on sale, the Nokia 9, also known by the nickname of Heart, carries in its guts a luxury hardware: 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage expandable by microSD card and the Snapdragon 935 , The latest and most powerful chip from Qualcomm, the well-known processor manufacturer. Read more: NASA prepares space mission to travel to the Sun Samsung is committed to the development of smart clock Nokia 9 meets expectations in testing Therefore, it is not strange its good behavior in this test, filtered by the application Geekbench, specialized in this type Of tests, where not only the brute force of this type of components is important. By including in their smartphones an Android version with hardly any additions, the Finns start off with respect to Samsung's traditionally heavy layer of personalization. And is that Touchwiz, although much improved in its latest versions, causes the phone does not develop with the same fluidity as other flagships of the market

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  Indian chop-suey: How Desi smartphones lost out to China
Posted by: imogene carmen - 06-01-2017, 01:59 AM - Forum: public news - No Replies

Indian chop-suey: How Desi smartphones lost out to China : Indian chop-suey: How Desi smartphones lost out to China
It is perhaps the most unscientific way of determining a change in the phone's fortunes. But after more than a decade of hearing this happen, I think I have found the first sign of mobile domain coming (or declining): the ringtones you hear on public transport, the first class compartments of local Mumbai, for example. Long before the data confirmed the ebb in their fortunes, the melody distinct from the call of the Cyclor of the soaked Micromax yields earth to the ebullient ringing of a melody Xiaomi simply calls Mi. Just as the ringtone from Nokia gave way to Samsung more than half a decade ago, and Samsung switched places to accommodate Micromax in the last two years. It is no secret that manufacturers of Chinese smartphones, as a group, have a dominant share of the Indian market - the Korean Samsung continues to maintain its leadership. According to an IDC report, Chinese sellers have grown by an astonishing 142.6%, which translates into a 51.4% share of smartphone shipments in India. The share of home-grown sellers has dropped to 13.5% in the first quarter of 2017 from 40.5% in the first quarter of 2016. News reports citing CyberMedia Research believe that the domain could be extended in the quarter to June It seems like yesterday that Micromax topped the rankings after years of breaking Samsung's heels - it was actually in 2014-2015 - before settling down as a strong 2. Intex frequently made it to the Top 5. So , What happened? R n r nAfter making history, Indian brands did not learn from it r n r nThe decline brings with it an intoxicating hint of déjà vu. Indian smartphone makers fell on the ploys of the same book of plays they had used to evict the likes of BlackBerry and Nokia Brands that were big, complacent and unable to see the future or react in time. In the case of Nokia these were dual-SIM phones. With BlackBerry, they were smartphones. With the Indian players, it was their relatively slow adoption of 4G. An industry member who wants to remain anonymous says: "The biggest change last year was Reliance Jio." The market moved faster than expected.Some players read the wrong market and their folio was overwhelmingly biased toward 3G. As a result, Indian brands became quiet, realizing that it was a waste of time to promote a set of functions that were missing. A void that the Chinese manufacturers were too happy to fill. Indian phone manufacturers showed an 'unengaged egotistical interest': ignoring the pure power they have.

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  World`s cheapest smartphone
Posted by: lily juliette - 06-01-2017, 01:51 AM - Forum: smartphone - No Replies

World`s cheapest smartphone : World`s cheapest smartphone
Allahabad Supreme Court on Wednesday granted bail to Mohit Goel, Managing Director of Noida-based Ringing Bells, who came into the limelight after launching the world's cheapest smartphone `Freedom 251.`

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  Microsoft smartphone with a new version of Windows Mobile in the works
Posted by: brock manolo - 06-01-2017, 01:47 AM - Forum: smartphone - No Replies

Microsoft smartphone with a new version of Windows Mobile in the works : Microsoft smartphone with a new version of Windows Mobile in the works
In the era of obsessed smartphones, Microsoft is one of the companies that has been left behind by the other manufacturers. It has been a few years since the company started to create hardware, but it seems to be very focused on the line of surfaces of laptops and hybrids. Microsoft has not released a Windows mobile phone in recent years. This scenario seems to be all ready to change now as for a new report. Microsoft claims that it is testing such a device. Apparently, this report comes from a couple of sources within the company, implying that it could be authentic. The device in question is said to run a different branch of the Windows Mobile operating system. Attention GizBot for more updates! A new interface It is said that the new user interface will be different from the one we have been seeing in Windows 10 Mobile. It is stated that in the early days of development so far. Microsoft seems to be keen to reinvent the mobile experience by placing a different operating system against its rivals. Some applications may be doomed It is believed that the new interface could mean a drop in support for older Windows Mobile applications. The report cites that older applications may not work with the new branch of the Windows Mobile operating system. Especially, Silverlight applications seem to be doomed. This is not definitive These are only inside information and not the latest from Microsoft. There are greater possibilities for us to be able to find significant changes in them in the coming months. The phone seems to be in evidence right now and it could take considerable time to see the light of day. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates! Source r n OnePlus 5 28,800 (Expected Price) Specifications Competitors Images +22

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  Facebook Plans to Show You a Whole New World Using Your Smartphone Camera
Posted by: blanch ricki - 06-01-2017, 01:47 AM - Forum: smartphone - No Replies

Facebook Plans to Show You a Whole New World Using Your Smartphone Camera : Facebook Plans to Show You a Whole New World Using Your Smartphone Camera
By Richard Larsson, Advertising Week "Your camera is a window to a world hidden behind it " - Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer, Facebook Most of us use Facebook to keep up with friends and family, Taking for granted the surprising innovations offered by the company with increasing regularity. While improvements to the basic social platform, such as Reactions, are changing the way we use Facebook every day, it's the technological breakthroughs that surprised the crowd gathered at Advertising Week Asia to see an interesting Chris Cox speech on Wednesday . Cox started things off with a few minutes of how he came to work for Facebook and how different the Internet world was a little over a decade shortly after the dot-com bubble burst. A "smartphone " was a BlackBerry, widespread mobile adoption was a world away, and social media was still in its infancy. Fast forward to 2017 and Facebook is not only a social media giant, it is also one of the world's truly innovative technology companies with both feet firmly planted in VR, advertising, journalism and more. But did the Cox product seem more excited to speak? The smartphone camera is already in your pocket. The AWAsia crowd watched with astonishment as Cox demonstrated several amazing technologies. Facebook is working at this time to take advantage of the harmless camera on our smartphones to change our world, all by simply improving our vision of it. From the invisible art facilities that come to life through the smartphone screen, to the incredible gameplay experience visible and playable through Facebook camera applications, to a reality augmented real-world view of the Roman Coliseum, Cox proved that Tomorrow's experiences are possible thanks to the camera Many of them on devices we already own. Beyond the lens of the smartphone, Facebook's commitment to virtual reality was also represented. The new Facebook spaces, a kind of Social Media for VR platform, give consumers the first VR users the opportunity to interact in the virtual world in new ways, while exciting camera hardware technologies like Facebook Surround 360 V2 enable content creators to make exciting new experiences more efficiently and creatively than

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  I replaced my smartphone with a Nokia 3310, and I never want to go back
Posted by: gauthier lewiss - 06-01-2017, 01:35 AM - Forum: smartphone - No Replies

I replaced my smartphone with a Nokia 3310, and I never want to go back : I replaced my smartphone with a Nokia 3310, and I never want to go back
Lifestyle I've replaced my smartphone with a Nokia 3310, and I never want to go back 1 day ago by Mansour 3 Views During the last week or so, my Android smartphone was bank-I put it in a drawer, and for the next week He barely touched it. Instead, I used the new Nokia 3310, a resumption of Nokia's 17-year-old phone of the same name, once legendary for its longevity and almost indestructibility. I thought I was going to suffer the week at the hands of a dumb, who would miss my emails, my applications, everything. The week came and went. Not only was it not so bad, but I'm tempted to never go back to my Android phone. In fact, I'm tempted to not go back to any kind of smartphone, ever again. Microsoft HoloLens inventor says 'phone is dead' If this sounds extraordinary to you, and you want to go and buy the new Nokia 3310 - if it works even where you live - keep in mind: There is nothing special about this phone. The Nokia 3310 is a mute. It is similar in function to a Nokia 150. It allows you to take and receive calls and SMS messages. It has a small color screen, and a 2 megapixel camera, which will not use, as it takes shitty photos. It has a built-in Opera browser and application support, which you will not use either, because they mostly suck (at least compared to the same experience on a smartphone), and also, everything is slow. It has an incredibly bad calculator application, with only the most basic of functions. And do not start writing the experience. You've probably forgotten how difficult it is to type on a numeric keypad, and trust me, you'd better forget it. Above all, the Nokia 3310 is not even cheap. It starts at £ 50 in the UK (€ 49 in Europe, not available in the US yet). The Nokia 150, which has roughly the same specifications, costs less than half the amount. With the 3310, you're paying for the extra mass to have a phone that sorta looks like the original Nokia 3310. Only it's thinner, lighter, and, on the other hand, probably not as durable. The back camera is there, but it's hardly worth your time. Image: Stan Schroeder / Mashable And that's the review of the Nokia 3310, right there. The price? Well worth it, if you loved the original phone. And to be fair to Nokia, they laugh

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  Lifan X60 gps android
Posted by: hinda jaime - 06-01-2017, 01:19 AM - Forum: android 60 - No Replies

Lifan X60 gps android : Lifan X60 gps android
Home & raquo Ads tagged with 'Lifan X60 gps android ' Listings tagged with 'Lifan X60 gps android ' (1) $ 00 Lifan X60 Car Stereo Radio GPS Android Wifi Navigation Camera Motor Vehicles, Boats & Caravans | Suavdvdgps | 12 hours ago Lifan X60 Car Radio Stereo GPS Android Wifi Navigation Camera Model: SUV-L6017A Compatible vehicles: Lifan X60 2011-2015 with 9inch HD 16: 9 Multi-touch sc Advertisement Click here to advertise with us !

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  'Lack of awareness' among mobile phone users about cybercrime threat
Posted by: tedie alano - 06-01-2017, 01:15 AM - Forum: mobile phone - No Replies

&#39 Lack of awareness&#39 among mobile phone users about cybercrime threat : 'Lack of awareness' among mobile phone users about cybercrime threat
Only a third of consumers have installed anti-virus software on their mobile phone, even though 94% appreciate the importance of data security, according to a survey. Nearly 24 million Britons use their mobile to buy, and nearly 23 million use Internet banking, according to the Virgin Mobile survey, but only 34% have protected their phone with software. Meanwhile, 17% of Britons admit to storing their passwords on their mobile phone. Of these, 43% keep passwords in the Notes application, 28% keep them as the organization's names in their contact list and 26% keep them under celebrity names. 43% do not use a numerical access code to ensure access to their phones, while 11% admit that they have never changed any of their online passwords. Even among those who consider themselves taking data security seriously, 7% have used public WiFi to send banking data. Despite rising levels of computer crime, a fifth of Britons (17%) do not believe anyone can steal information from their phone, while almost one in three (29%) believe that security applications are not necessary On mobile phones. Virgin Mobile commissioned the survey, as it launched a mobile security package, including a password manager service, for all customers for free during the first year of use. Jeff Dodds, Managing Director of Virgin Mobile, said: "While Brits spend more time surfing the web on their smartphones than on laptops, our research shows a lack of security awareness." People who protect themselves from the growing threat of cybercrime in the device they use the most. "Cyber.uk director Jessica Barker said:" The British public is increasingly aware of cyber security and the overwhelming majority are Agree that it is important. However, there is a gap between this knowledge and behaviors. "One factor driving this is that cyber security can seem difficult and overwhelming. However, it does not have to be that way, and online security is increasingly important." With increasingly powerful and connected phones, People use them to do internet banking, shopping, sharing content on social networks and even sending intimate selfies. "This information can be vulnerable to attacks like anything on the Internet, but there are many simple steps you can take to better protect yourself and protect your data." Opinium surveyed 2,006 UK adults online from 12 to 16 May. JOBS PROPERTY LOCAL ENGINES BUSINESS READERS TRAVEL BUY PHOTOS PLACE AN AD DATING The Cumberland News

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